ONE TON GOldfish

"The Tangible dream"

The dawn of a new age is peeking over the horizon, technology is shrinking the world, cutting out the middleman, allowing a floodgate of opportunists to enter, and leaving behind the deeper values of connectivity. We lose touch with each other to streamline evolution, and the art form must hold its ground when faced with adversity as we step into each generation. It is the art form that the world measures itself against; this is the reason the world progresses. 

It is with the same measure that we value the true nature of mankind, stripping away everything but the vulnerability of transparency. When you have no boundaries, the true test of holding yourself accountable is ever clear. Therefore, it becomes the job of both the creator and society to protect an artist’s incentive to strive for greatness. 

When stripped to its real purpose, the “need” that lies within all art forms has no strings, no smoke and mirrors. It is not found in the value of the art itself, but within the artist. To measure the true value of art is to look at its creator. The priceless value beyond the tangible strings attached is the intangible idea behind the work. The true power in art does not have boundaries of containment. The art itself will flow in and out, and eventually fade with time . . . but the meaning can last forever. 

When you give humanity more than the tangibility of art, they begin to expect it. And, just like supply and demand, when the market demands something, it creates an incentive to supply it—in this case, that means bringing meaning and purpose to art beyond tangibility. The art form is the cornerstone of communication, and when you put that incentive above all else, humanity is pulled in a positive direction. We then learn to measure the success of an artist, not by what they take, but by what they give. 

The true potential of mankind is not held by those who confound us with sleight of hand, and who abuse the art form and the artist for personal gain. But it is the silent akratic indifference of good people who allow the stagnation of humanity to go unchallenged. As human beings, it is in our nature to have an opinion; it is not in our nature to do nothing.

-One Ton Goldfish



"the Dreamer"

No matter how insignificant we may feel, 
or how lost we become in the vast sea of humanity, 
it does not mean we are without purpose. 
A ripple, no matter how small, can shape the world, 
if that ripple is created with passion, conviction and purpose. 
Such ideas have no limitation of growth. 
For those who seek more than complacency, 
and lead with curiosity, with the faith that questioning the world
will end in reward, I leave you with this: 

You are but one person among humanity, 
vulnerable to your surroundings. 
But your character, your purpose, and your words carry weight. 
Know that the core of your humanity is never too far out of reach, 
however distant the echo. 
Never change who you are. Always be heard. 

-One Ton Goldfish

"the Artist"

Having a purpose is the most powerful incentive for anyone to move forward in his or her life. Without it, I’m not sure we are really living. 

When an artist sacrifices, he excels beyond boundaries, reaches into the abyss, finds courage for humanity and says, “I am more than can be defined. I am with purpose, and like a stain, will never be forgotten.” A muse for our survival, a foundation for meanings unspoken; the beginnings of the indefinite forevers. This I have chosen as my obsession: to rise above complacency and reach for more.  

-One Ton Goldfish