“Art is an expression of the mind’s endless creativity, a doorway to everything in which humans are engaged. My work is the continual results from studying a simple question: Why?” 

My focus leads to the studying of humanity by bridging art and science through connections of cognitive processes. Using the constructs of color, shape, depth and movement in my impasto style of layering and thin staining, I approach each work as a tool to be created and analyzed. The aesthetic nature plays a role of creature comforts, inviting the mind into the work. Yet behind the aesthetics lies the mechanics for studying the reflection of self parallel to humanity. An on going study using the relationship of art and science to form an understanding for both a physical and mental process of evolution. The full spectrum of my approach uses such fields as Physiology, Psychology, Physics, Metaphysics, Quantum Cognition, Anatomy, Eastern and Western Philosophy, along with many business fields, as a collective study of how reality and the subconscious interact and where each field connects. The process of layering and staining within each work becomes the sensation of layers in reality and the act of staining as memories in the subconscious. The "tangible art" that is created through this exploration of process becomes a foot note that I leave behind during this journey. Every work is a piece of a series, every series is a piece of a larger whole, created and analyzed for the efforts of digging deeper into the fundamental building blocks humanity collectively climbs in order to evolve.


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Friday, October 30
Behance Portfolio Review
Guest Speaker
Sugar Land Art Center & Gallery
7:30 - 9:00 p.m.






Saturday, November 7
Barnes and Noble - River Oaks
"Mini Maker Faire" + Book Signing
2030 West Gray St.
1:00 p.m.






Friday, November 13
Texas Art Education Association 2015 Conference
Workshop Presenter
"Art & Science, Finding Synergy"
Moody Gardens Convention Center