7 Layer Era

Virtual Tour
Book anouncement 2014

October 15th 2014 book anouncement event featuring all 7 series of Justin Garcia's works in a full featured 360 virtual tour brought to you by YouVisit.

7 layer Era is the collection of my past seven Series compiled into one study.  Each series is an independent study through Color, Shape, Depth, and Movement in my unique impasto style process of thick layering and thin staining.  This exploration of process lead me to construct a model, Humanity's Sustainable Infinite.  In my model each series represents a "layer", these layers make up the mechanics from two states of Existence, Reality (physical state of existence) and Subconscious ( cognitive state of existence). The works become an abstracted blueprint and has been documented in my published book, One Ton Goldfish: In Search of the Tangible Dream. In my book I give a detailed account of how the works evolved into the understanding for Humanity's Sustainable Infinite by re-experiencing the process that lead me to each series.

Each series/layer is in chronological order from the date they were created. 

Selected works from each series are represented along with series sketch and exert from book.

Layer 1
Melange du Rêveur

Reality, representation of dreams reconstructed onto a plan of spatial orientation.

“The soft undertones of sporadic color spread over the length of the canvas, then masked with layers of textures hushed across, like aging walls. I tore up my abstract charcoal dreams drawn on sketchpads, now carefully broken apart and collaged in minimal fashion, allowing the background to breathe. The severed black and white dreams began to form fresh lines that flowed into newly-acquired spaces in between, feeding a sense of connectivity.” 

-Justin Garcia, OneTonGoldfish: In Search of the Tangible Dream