My work is about process through three cognitive phases, experience, awareness, and control. I build, strip down and then rebuild architectural structures as aging walls through layering and staining the surface, revealing the nuances that give us insight to moments that become memories in time. Each subtle mark is a story that lies before the viewer and brings them to stillness with their inner curiosity.


Yet it is not the story or the moments felt that ring most significant, it is bringing the mind to a point of questioned awareness through curiosity. This is the fuel that stimulates our evolution, to see time and question what it reflects of us. It is how we know and comprehend its existence and in this process of observing aging walls we experience time, have awareness of the moments, and then control the choices derived from those memories created.


The purpose in my works is to examine the complexity of time and the human perception of it through the simplicity of aging walls as architectural structures representing reality. It is precisely the walls all around us that bring a sense of solace when confronting concepts of time and its infinite effect.