After creating the seventh in a series of extraordinary paintings, his insatiable curiosity prompted him to investigate the deeper reasons behind each of the series. Garcia took a year-long break from painting, to reflect on his life and contemplate his works. In his reflection, he saw the experiences that led him to envision each series, the processes that allowed him to create them, and the personal evolution he derived from them. He began to sketch his thoughts and write his ideas...and then, he saw it all, on a grand and unpredictably universal scale. In his deep exploration, Garcia uncovered a remarkable scientific interpretation of the creative process that can be applied to every aspect of life.

OneTonGoldfish: In Search of the Tangible Dream opens the door for a deeper conversation about creativity in every possible manifestation, and strengthens the understanding of the radical effect creativity has on humankind...radical in all its definitions: comprehensive, essential, and revolutionary.